Our design offers a clean and modern interpretation of the Mediterranean and the Southwest, blending flavors and traditions in a space that expresses the freshness, simplicity and sincerity found in the cuisines of the region.  A palate washed by the sun.  Merging past and present.  A simple architectural expression.  A modern design with honest expression of food and style tailored for a new generation’s approach to dining.

The wood-fired oven is the heart of our concept. Chef-inspired and craveable small, medium, and large plates are energized by the best of these cuisines.



Featuring a diverse cocktail and happy hour program, TRES will always be proud to support local breweries and provide a big bang for your buck.  Our location offers a large patio with full service bar, lawn games such as cornhole and connect four, and will keep the energy going even when the sun goes down.

Small meets the big, yet bold flavors of the region to create Tempe’s most exciting new dining destination.